A MOTHER has been given new hope of finding her son, who disappeared 12 years ago, following a television programme and a proposed article in a national magazine.

Steven Clark went missing while walking with his family, just after Christmas 1992.

His mother, Doris, had accompanied him on a walk on Saltburn beach, east Cleveland, when, just as they were about to head home, he said that he wanted to go to the toilet.

As he went into the gents, Mrs Clark went into the ladies.

That was the last time she saw her son, then aged 23.

Eventually, the police became involved and Mrs Clark and her husband Charles, from Marske-by-the-Sea, began searching the country for their son.

Mrs Clark has not seen her son for 12 years, but a BBC television programme, The Day They Disappeared, which featured Steven on Tuesday night - and a proposed article in the Big Issue magazine at the end of this month - have given her new hope, she said.

"I thought, I wonder if he's watching this," said Mrs Clark, who clings to the hope that Steven will one day get in touch.

Anyone with information about Steven, who walks with a limp and whose left arm is disabled, is asked to contact the National Missing Persons Helpline on (0500) 700 700.

Missing persons can ring the Message Home Helpline on (0800) 700 740 or the Runaway Helpline on (0808) 800 7070.