FOOTBALL teams have added their weight to a firework safety campaign.

Three clubs - Middlesbrough, Hartlepool and Darlington - have joined forces with fire and police officers to launch a radio advertising campaign promoting firework safety.

Adverts will be broadcast on stations from the Scottish Borders to Teesside to give children the message that people can be killed, seriously injured and disfigured by fooling around with fireworks.

Carlo Nash, reserve goalkeeper with Middlesbrough FC said: "Fireworks can be great fun in the right hands, but if you fool around with them, you could end up getting seriously hurt - or worse.

"I want young people to enjoy themselves on Bonfire Night and to act responsibly.''

The campaign is being led by the region's Crime and Disorder Partnerships, the fire service, police, councils, trading standards and NHS authorities.

Trading standards officers are visiting shopkeepers to ensure they are aware of new regulations and that they are not selling illegal imported fireworks.

Those shopkeepers who break the law face six months behind bars or a fine up to £5,000.