SIX Teesside schoolchildren had a day they will never forget when they were guests at the Labour Party conference.

Elizabeth Smith, Kirsty Barker, Stefan Griffiths, Jonathan Lancaster, Samuel Pitt and Katherine Stevenson, from Redcar Community College, were introduced to the leading Government figures by Teesside opera singer and Labour supporter Suzannah Clarke.

She said: "The children turned out to be a hit at the conference. It was also probably the first time delegates had seen children taking part in a conference.''

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott spoke to the pupils and urged them to go on to higher education, saying: "It will give you confidence and the skills to do what you want to do."

They also spoke to Darlington MP Alan Milburn, Chancellor Gordon Brown, Education Secretary Charles Clarke, Cherie Blair and celebrities Tony Robinson, Ross Kemp and Michael Cashman.

Vera Baird, Redcar MP, said: "Opportunities like this open children's minds - it is a unique and exciting experience for them and it was great for me to be interrogated, and appreciate again what an important event Party Conference is."

Keith Neasham, assistant headteacher, said: "I am amazed at the access we were given and it was encouraging to see how the children grew into their roles of ambassadors for the school and the region."

Elizabeth Smith said: "This is one of the most exciting things I have ever done."