THE famous Scott Trial takes place next Saturday, October 23 with a full entry of 200 including competitors from as far away as Spain and the United States, writes Wally Richmond.

Local past winners taking part are Gerald Richardson and Philip Alderson, along with Graham Jarvis, Wayne Braybrook and Michael Phillipson.

This year's 90-page Scott programmes are on sale now, with proceeds going to charity, and the trial's big name sponsor is Sandiford Montesa.

The event will see the world debut of the new Montesa 4-stroke trials bike, with an all-star team of Braybrook, James Lampkin and Spaniard Amos Bilbao.

There are 42 first-timers among the entry and the first rider leaves the start at Feldom above Richmond at 9am, followed by the rest at 20-second intervals.

* The Middlesbrough Motor Club were in action last Sunday with their Northern Championship round at Woodhouse Farm, Great Ayton, where a four-lap, 11-section course sorted out the entry.

Results. - Experts: 1 Phil Mayfield (Gas Gas) 31; 2 Richard Fawcett (Sherco) 44. Intermediate: 1 Gary Pears (NB) 58. Clubmen A: 1 Andy Diuge (Gas Gas) 14: 2 Gary Brown 42; 3 Andrew Manton (Sherco) 44; 4 Phil Manton (Gas Gas) 46. Clubmen B: 1 Brian Hall 7; 2 Karl Hunt (Fantic) 10; 3 Paul Hudson (Bultaco) 11; 4 Nigel Hutton 12 FC; 5 Rob Shell (Gas Gas) 12.

For those who wish to take part in the Vic Boyes Trial on November 21, the event takes postal entries only. Closing date is November 10.