AN internationally celebrated photographer from the region has opened a new gallery in Northallerton.

Joe Cornish celebrated the opening of the gallery in Zetland Street last Friday by unveiling his latest print entitled Approaching Sunset, Millennium Bridge.

The photograph, showing the bridge over the Tyne as the sunset creates an orange burst in a grey sky, joins more then 50 other limited edition prints on sale at the gallery.

"The bridge is the most inspiring piece of building or engineering work to have appeared in the area for some time," said Mr Cornish, who lives at Great Ayton.

"I had to visit it on four occasions to make sure the light was right. When I finally took it, I spent two hours waiting for exactly the right conditions, and had to stand on a stepladder to get the angle. It was terrible weather and it was taken the moment before the storm hit."

The majority of the prints in the gallery show scenes from the region, and Mr Cornish, who is also a landscape photographer for the National Trust, said the area was a constant source of inspiration.

"It's wonderful to be able to document, celebrate and share the passion I have for the region," said Mr Cornish. "But it's also about educating people that we have a responsibility to care for it and cherish it."

The gallery is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10am-5.30, featuring 57 photographs, as well as cards, calenders and books.

Joe Cornish prints are exclusively available at the new outlet and the original gallery in College Square, Stokesley.