A Teesside company has won a contract to ensure the safety of aeroplanes taking off and landing at all airports in the Netherlands.

The deal makes Flight Precision, Limited (FPL), based at Durham Tees Valley Airport, responsible for inspection and testing the highly-sensitive equipment used by Dutch air traffic controllers, to guide pilots to and from runways.

Among other Dutch airports, it will be responsible for Schipol, the international hub in Amsterdam used by thousands of British travellers every year.

FPL specialises in calibrating the take-off and landing equipment at military and civil airports.

British clients include all the UK's major international airports, regional airports and MoD airfields while a large overseas client base covers airports in Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Jordan and Spain.

"Winning a foreign contract that includes such a major airport at Schipol is extremely pleasing. It shows that FPL is seen in the industry as a centre of world expertise based in Teesside," said FPL sales and marketing manager Andy Radforth.