CHILDREN captured their own little piece of history during a weekend craft activity session.

Mythical beasts, medieval knights and other historical figures were featured in a series of brass rubbings created by youngsters at Clayport Library, in Durham.

A selection of brasses, from which the youngsters created their own pictures and Easter cards, were on loan for the day from Durham Heritage Centre, in the church of St Mary-le-Bow, in North Bailey, near the cathedral.

Among them was a replica of The Trinity Brass, depicting the Holy Trinity, dating from about 1500AD.

Its original is in the Winchester Museum.

Anita Thompson, of the library, said: "Brass rubbing is a simple and rewarding way of capturing a small piece of history.

"Knights used coats-of-arms on seals and they often depicted mythical beasts such as unicorns, dragons and griffins, which look particularly effective when rubbed in gold or silver, against black card.

"The larger pictures can be framed at home and the smaller ones turned into cards."

Fifteen youngsters took the opportunity to try their hand at brass rubbing at Saturday's session.

Details of further craft sessions at Clayport Library can be obtained by ringing 0191-386 4003.