RESIDENTS are up in arms over new street names for a housing development.

A reference to a famous 18th century farming family has incensed members of Archdeacon Newton Parish Council, because the place where the plates are sited has apparently no connection at all with the people concerned.

Council chairman Norman Welch said this is happening more and more, as Darlington Borough Council does not have enough input into the naming of new roads.

The two inscriptions refer to the Colling brothers - who reared the first Shorthorn cattle - and their father.

But none of them lived at West Park, in Darlington, where the new streets are to be found.

And there was no family farm belonging to the Colling family on the site.

The only agricultural link seems to be Mount Pleasant Farm on an opposite field.

Coun Welch said the situation is "pathetic".

And he is calling for greater consultation with local people on the naming of roads and streets.

But the facilitator of an art strategy for the development was furious about the criticism.

Tony Cooper, a director of developers Bussey and Armstrong, said: "We are trying to be imaginative and creative here.

"The Collings were part of the agricultural revolution and we are also featuring famous names from the industrial era."

He said the partnership which oversees the art strategy for the development is putting together a publication detailing the history and background to the street names and other cultural features.

"If Coun Welch has a problem, he should come to us and we will explain," he said. "