A LIFE-SIZED stuffed stag that went walkabout from its home in Harrogate has made a welcome return after being missing for more than two-weeks.

The 20 stone, 6ft stag, which is regarded as a Harrogate landmark, hailed from the Highlands of Scotland, went missing just over two weeks ago and was found less than a mile from where it usually stands.

The stag's owner, Mike Lumb, was mystified by its disappearance and thought it might have been shipped out of the country. The Stag stands on a verandah in Wetherby Road.

It was not until Mr Lumb issued an appeal for its return that it reappeared, having been missing since February 10.

Mr Lumb said: "I'm relieved and pleased to see it back home. It has certainly been missed by passers-by who have already been saying how pleased they are it is back."

During the festive season, its antlers were decked in fairy lights and a festive garland hung around its neck.

Mr Lumb is introducing security measures to ensure Wetherby Road's most popular figure does not wander off again.

He has had the stag, which is worth £4,000, for ten years.

Such is its popularity that producers of shows have tried to recruit the animal for stage work, but Mr Lumb decided its home on the verandah is its finest resting place.

* A North Yorkshire police spokesman said two people would be appearing in court at Harrogate on Thursday in connection with the stag's disappearance.