A grandfather had his ear cut off with a machete when he went to complain about noise at a neighbour's house party.

Darren Winston, who was a guest at the bash, used a two-foot long sword to hack off 52-year-old Alan Robson's ear and repeatedly slash and stab him during a frenzied attack in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how police officers were able to find the severed organ in the street where the attack took place but surgeons were unable to sew it back on.

Mr Robson's five-year-old grandson is now afraid of the way his grandfather looks.

Winston, who had recently been released from prison following and earlier machete incident and was on police bail for glassing a drinker in a Newcastle city bar, also turned the deadly blade on another neighbour who tried to step in and help Mr Robson.

For her efforts Jaqueline McRobie, 43, received an injury to her ear and finger and has been unable to return to work as an auxiliary nurse since.

Prosecutor Caroline Goodwin told the court how trouble flared when Mr Robson's next door neighbour threw a party with guests arriving from tea time on October 19 last year.

Mr Robson's partner was first to speak up and complain about the situation but things seemed to have calmed when Mr Robson offered them a goodwill gift in exchange for turning down the music.

Miss Goodwin said: "Mr Robson came out and it was thought after a few words had been exchanged that the music was going to be turned down and that would be the end of it.

"Mr Robson describes himself as having gone out, spoken to the individuals and there was language between everybody.

"As a parting gesture as he went back into his house he handed over a bottle of whiskey as a sort of peace offering to put oil of troubled waters.

"Unfortunately matters did not end there and the music continued."

The court heard how Winston, 23, called for his older brother Ronald Lee Winston, 26, who arrived at the scene with the weapon in his car.

Meanwhile, thinking everything would calm down, Mr Robson went to bed but quickly got back up again when he realised more trouble was brewing.

The court heard how the revellers were shouting abuse while the neighbours were complaining.

Miss Goodwin said: "The defendant Darren obtained the machete from his brother and then there was the most substantial and significant injuries caused during what was a frenzied and brutal attack on Mr Robson."

A statement read out in court from Mr Robson said: "The male struck me with the weapon to the left of my head.

"This caused a slice to be taken from the left of my head.

"The blade kept coming down and completely severed my left ear.

"As this happened I attempted to grab him and attempt to top him taking further blows.

"We grappled and I received further blows. My left arm in particular took the brunt of it, as well as my forearm and hand.

"I almost lost my fingers as the tendons were damaged."

The court heard how Ms McRobie shouted "you are going to kill him" when she saw Mr Robson's blood-soaked face and upper body.

But instead of halting the attack, which by this time had forced Mr Robson up against the garden fence, Darren Winston turned the blade on her.

The court heard how the police were called and Winston was arrested at the scene while the two victims were taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle by ambulance.

Miss Goodwin said: "Mr Robson had lost his ear. That was recovered by officers who attended the scene.

"They took it to the hospital but regrettably it was not possible to re-attach that ear."

Mr Robson also needed treatment to a broken nose, cut on his chest which went through to the breastbone and cuts to his shoulder and torso.

Mr Robson would face at least eight operations for a new ear to be built by plastic surgeons.

Darren Winston, of Claremont North Avenue, Gateshead, admitted two charges of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and a charge of unlawful wounding in relation to the attack in the bar in May.

Mr Recorder Hyland sentenced him to eight years behind bars and told him: "Armed with a sword you subjected a 52-year-old man, a defenceless man, to a frenzied, savage and brutal attack.

The judge said both the effects on both "innocent victims" were catastrophic.

Ronald Winston, also of Claremont North Avenue, admitted having an offensive weapon in a public place.

He was jailed for 18 months.

Defence barrister Robert Adams said Darren Winston lashed out because he believed Mr Robson or someone else had a knife after another party guest received stab wounds.

But Mr Adams added: "He wished to apologise to the victims of his attack."

Tony David, for Ronald, said his client had arrived at the party believing his brother was under attack by someone armed with a blade.

Following the attack, Mr Robson said; "My hearing is all right but there is only a small lobe on the bottom of my left ear. I had a skin graft on my head but there is still a big scar. My finger was stitched back on. I can move it but not really feel it.

"After the attack, I couldn't hear properly for a few days. There was a ringing sound in my left ear. It was buzzing all the time and very awkward.

"Whatever has happened in court, nothing can compensate for me losing an ear.

"But I have been very lucky. Had the cut on my head been an inch either side, it would have gone into my skull.

His partner Sylvia added: "Alan has been very brave throughout this ordeal. He seems all right from the outside but on the inside I know this has affected him a lot."

Mr Robson added: "The whole thing was terrifying. It all happened so suddenly. I just went out to see where the noise was coming from and the next thing I know I was being attacked. I was in shock."