A NIGHTCLUB owner has bought a restaurant.

Sam's restaurant, on Coniscliffe Road, Darlington, has been bought by businessman Les Langley, who also owns Atlantic Bar and Club, in Duke Street.

He plans to turn the 17th Century building into a bar and restaurant, to be renamed Atlantic Bar and Grill.

IThe restaurant will be open during the day for meals, and during the evening it will serve drinks as well as food.

"I just think it's a cracking site," said Mr Langley. "It's got a big courtyard and has fantastic potential.

"I think there's room in the town for somewhere else where you can have a drink and a bite to eat as well."

Mr Langley said the new project was a big investment.

He said: "What we hope to do with it is open it early on a morning for coffees and so on.

"It'll be an ideal place throughout the day with the natural light coming through the conservatory and we'll have things like family specials during the day.

"On a night, we'll turn the mood down slightly. You'll be able to drink but people who want a meal will be able to go through to the conservatory area."

The venue is expected to be up and running by the beginning of May.