A TRAFFIC calming scheme proposed for Romanby has been condemned by councillors, who say it will destroy the character of the village.

The scheme includes raised road "tables", a roundabout at the junction of Harewood and Ainderby roads, and five road signs positioned around the green. It has been put forward to enforce a 20mph speed limit around a development built last year near the Golden Lion in Ainderby Road.

Romanby Parish Council has been campaigning for a 20mph speed limit to be enforced there, but councillors said the new scheme was too much.

Chairman Paul Law said: "We are horrified by it. We do want some restrictions in place, but this is just overkill."

Coun Law said that a similar scheme had been proposed when the development was first built, and was criticised then by the parish council. He said the new scheme would have a negative visual impact on the village green, Ainderby Road, Harewood Road and The Close, near Romanby Primary School.

"There have been a few amendments but it is basically the same scheme," said Coun Law. "It will destroy the character of Romanby and goes totally against the feel of the village."

Coun Law said the parish council would instead like to see a pedestrian crossing, and a few flashing 20mph signs. He said he believed there would be a public consultation next month and urged villagers to make their views known when the consultation took place.

Barry Mason, group engineer for traffic management and road safety at North Yorkshire County Council, said: "These proposals are at the preliminary stage.

"We sent them to the parish council for consultation. Once we get its comments back, we will consider them and then meet the council for further discussion.

"During the further consultations we will try and take forward some proposals that are acceptable."