A COUNCILLOR has given his support to a campaign to save a village school.

Hurworth School, Maths and Computing College has called in consultants to examine its options.

Governors made the move when rumours that the school could be targeted for closure continued to circulate.

Darlington Borough Council is reviewing education provision in the area, in response to falling pupil numbers.

The council said that at least one secondary school may have to close as a result.

Staff and governors at Hurworth are adamant that it should not be theirs.

Councillor Rod Burtt, who represents the village on the borough council, said he was alarmed by suggestions that the value of the land on which the school stands was a key consideration. He said: "I think it would be absolutely immoral for educational matters to be decided by commercial considerations.

"We do not want to be short-changed in Hurworth so that the town can benefit financially."

Only about 150 students from a total of 650 live in the village, but Coun Burtt said this was not a problem.

"I don't consider that to be a weakness, I consider it to be a strength," he said.

"It helps them learn about other areas and is very helpful in terms of tolerance and understanding."

Consultant Richard Knott is due to give a report to the school's governing body next month.

The parish council met this week and said it would be saddened if the school closed.