PRIMARY school pupils can look forward to having healthier mothers thanks to a slimming pact.

It began after Julie Reynolds, whose children, Sally and Joe, attend Edmondsley Primary School, near Durham, was insulted on a night out.

"I am 5ft 5in tall and was over 14 stone and on a night out when someone said something about me being fat.''

Julie decided to lose weight not only for her health but to make her fit enough to join in activities with her children.

She joined a Weight Watchers Class, lost four stone and became a slimming instructor herself.

Recognising the transformation her weight loss had made to her family, she persuaded other mothers at the school to trim down and become fitter.

A dozen soon joined Julie's weight loss class.

"I come from a nursing background and all the mothers knew that I would guide them to, not only lose weight, but to become healthier and fitter to look after their children,'' she said.

Pupils have been urging their mothers on in their joint bid to trim down.

And the fat-busting experiment has proved an outstanding success with 12 of the volunteer slimmers so far losing more than 12 stone between them.