STUDENTS from Darlington competed in the town's small primary schools swimming gala at the Dolphin Centre, on Thursday night.

The results were:

One length freestyle boys: 1st Andrew Dean, 2nd Vinay Kara, 3rd Ryan Kindred. One length backstroke boys: 1st Jamie Leather, 2nd Joseph Anthony, 3rd Ryan Watson. One length freestyle girls: 1st Rachael Irvine, 2nd Becky Kay, 3rd Rebecca Verity.

One length backstroke girls: 1st Rebecca Trenhorn, 2nd Matilda Wood, 3rd Kirsty Christey. Open one length freestyle boys: 1st Michael Bennett, 2nd Rory Osbourne, 3rd Vinay Kara. Open one length freestyle girls: 1st Matilda Wood, 2nd Becky Kay, 3rd Harriet Brown.

One length backstroke boys: 1st Liam Turner, 2nd Matthew Bremner, 3rd Ian Dodds. One length backstroke girls: 1st Sophie Johnstone, 2nd Emily O'Hara, 3rd Sarah Bremner.

Boys 3 x 1 medley relay: 1st Jamie Leather, Joe Cochrane, Andrew Dean - Hurworth, 2nd Michael Bennet, Ian Dodds, Joseph Anthony - St Bede's, 3rd Joe Lindsay, Liam Turner, Ed Brockbank - St Augustine's.

Girls 3 x 1 medley relay: 1st Emily O'Hara, Rachael Irvine, Kirsty Christey - St Bede's, 2nd Rebecca Verity, Rebecca Trenholme, Victoria Harker - Hurworth, 3rd Amy Waters, Sophie Johnstone, Natasha Wardman - St John's.

Boys 4 x 1 freestyle relay: 1st Joe Walsh, Thomas Pitt, Callum Bickle, Simon Boynton - St Augustine's, 2nd Ryan Watson, Ryan Kindred, James Anderson, Thomas Manning - St Teresa's, 3rd Andrew Darnell, Chris Armstrong, Henry Hewitson, Daniel Chambers - Heighington.

Girls 4 x 1 freestyle relay: 1st Rebecca Ellwood, Sophie Hird, Emma Carter, Harriet Brown - St Bede's, 2nd Alice Wilson, Lucy Corner, Sara Bremner, Becky Kay - Heighington, 3rd Claire Shields, Lucy Holman, Sophie Johnstone, Bethany Brennan - St John's.

Overall winners boys only: 1st Hurworth, 2nd Heighington, 3rd St Augustine's/St Bede's. Overall winners girls only: 1st St Bede's, 2nd St John's, 3rd High Coniscliffe/Heighington. Overall winners boys and girls: 1st St Bede's, 2nd Heighington, 3rd Hurworth.