A POLICE force in the North-East arrested 198 people in 12 hours following the launch of a new get-tough policy.

Mike Craik, the newly-appointed Chief Constable of Northumbria Police last week announced a blitz on yobs, drunks and violent criminals under the banner The Party's Over.

Extra officers have been on patrol trouble spots and arrest rates for drink-related crime increased over the weekend.

A police spokesman said that there had been 198 arrests in the force area between 6pm on Saturday and 6am on Sunday.

"Most of those would have been drink-related," he said.

"But this is a higher figure than average, and the campaign is responsible for that."

But taxi drivers in the area - known for its raucous nightlife - have warned that the approach could discourage visitors.

Alan Fidler, secretary of the North Tyneside Taxi Association said that he feared The Party's Over title could damage nightlife in the region's town's and cities and inturn hit the local economy.

"This is policing by slogans," he said.