UP-AND-COMING North-East singers are recording a single to help abused and neglected young people in the region.

About 70 young voices will feature on a Band Aid-style single, More Than The Need, being made at the White Wolf Recording Studio, in Tanfield, near Stanley, County Durham.

They came together this week for rehearsals at St Margaret's Church, in nearby Tanfield Village, before they moved on to record at the studios.

Organiser Adam Chetter, of the music resource group talentSTAR, said it would involve a lot of mixing before the single was released later this month.

He said: "It's a bit of a logistical nightmare because we are working with 28 solo singers and 70 in all, including the chorus.

"It features some of the best young singers who have emerged from our talentSTAR school tour round the region since October.

"It is an excellent opportunity for North-East performers to not only fulfil their dreams of releasing a chart single, but also helping disabled and disadvantaged children at the same time."

High street music stores, including HMV, Music Zone and Virgin Megastores, have agreed to stock the CD, which will also be available as a download on iTunes and Napster.

Mr Chetter hopes the region will support More Than The Need to ensure it becomes a national success.

Songwriters have waived their right to royalties from the single, to further help the charity Just for Kids.

The charity supports children in the region suffering abuse and neglect, those with disabilities, special needs and those needing extra care or guidance.

More Than The Need should be available in shops on June 27, the day after this year's talentSTAR final, at the Tyne Theatre, Newcastle.