ITS glory days may be long behind it, but the legendary Flying Scotsman still has the power to turn heads.

The magnificent locomotive, one of the greatest survivors from the golden age of the railways, was back in action yesterday.

And it was doing what it does best -hauling passengers behind its great plume of steam.

To celebrate the first anniversary of its acquisition by York's National Railway Museum (NRM), it is hauling twice-daily Ride the Legend services between the city and Scarborough.

The services got under way yesterday and will continue today and tomorrow.

Museum head Andrew Scott said: "When we bought Flying Scotsman on behalf of the nation, we promised that we would do our utmost to keep it out on the main line for the public to enjoy.

"I can think of no better way to celebrate the anniversary of this great engine's arrival at the NRM than to have it in service where people can experience the legend first-hand."

Published: 01/06/2005