A DOG owner is appealing for information after her pets went missing following a break-in at her home.

Victoria Foster has not seen her rottweiler or mixed collie since thieves broke into an outbuilding at her home in Osmotherley, North Yorkshire, at about 3pm on Friday.

Both dogs were in the outbuilding - the rottweiler had been in a secure pen, which had been opened.

The dogs are both ten months old. The rottweiler is black with brown symmetrical markings and had a leather collar. The collie, which the family rescued from a road on Christmas Day, is black and white with brown markings on its face.

The property is well secured after being previously targeted by thieves and nothing else was stolen.

Mrs Foster said: "There is a possibility that both dogs were just let loose rather than stolen, but there has been no sign of either of them.

"The collie can run for miles, but the rottweiler wouldn't get far from home. We just want them back."

A unspecified reward is being offered for the return of the dogs.

A spokesman from Northallerton police said it appeared to be an isolated incident.

"Whoever broke in would have had to be quite confident to handle a rottweiler," he said.

"It's possible they were looking for something else, and took the dogs when they couldn't find anything."

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 0845 6060247 or the family on (01609) 883739.