Relief road: I have been looking at the plans for a Durham City relief road on the county council web site, and can see two proposed routes at £14m and £25m respectively.

In respect to comments made by M Atkinson and R Drion (Advertiser, week ending May 28), the Arnison development including stage one of the Durham City Northern Bypass between Pity Me Roundabout and Red House Roundabout, was part of a more elaborate scheme to divert the A691.

Stage two of the bypass would complete the road between Red House Roundabout and Carrville Interchange, crossing the existing Belmont Viaduct, which was to be converted to include a road deck.

Later proposals were for a new bridge south and new interchange on the A690.

The construction of the Witton Gilbert bypass was to be complemented with a link road between Earls House Hospital and Pity Me Roundabout.

The whole road was to be numbered A691 and would provide an alternative to the A692/A693 route from Consett.

The diverted A691 and the A167 Durham Western Bypass once completed would have been a welcome relief and not a white collar access road to County Hall which the Durham Northern Relief Road is.

Lee Pescod

Newton Hall

Demise of city: Re the county council's Contingency Plan (week ending May 13).

Because of traffic congestion over Milburngate Bridge there are proposals for toll changes here and application for a relief road from near Belmont to Aykley Heads, near DLI Museum.

I certainly oppose the latter for much green land would be spoilt.

I also don't believe the Heads could take more traffic - or is the plan for a Spaghetti Junction over and around University Hospital? Madness.

Re City for Transformation (week ending May 21). City council talks of land being sold for further development in the city.

There is no mention of the recent sizeable developments in Dragonville estate nor or the restaurant shops - hotels and flats being built/ planned/ considered in Walkergate and across the river - yes, both ends of Milburngate Bridge.

Nor of the halls of residence being built for 1,000 university students which should be releasing 250 buy-to-let houses in the city - or are another 1,000 students planned already for the heavily oversized university?

The city is being grossly spoilt, becoming a concrete jungle and experiencing already major traffic congestion. Madness.

Michael Mills


What about us?: I think it is very commendable what the council plans to do to bring council housing up to a decent standard, but what about the pensioners who live in Grape Lane?

They still have no double glazing, after being told for the past three years 'Oh maybe next year'. Then it is put off and put off because of lack of money.

Do they not think that they should be a priority before they start replacing double glazing in homes that already have it?

Or are we on the scrap heap?

Ann A