Girl's aloud star Cheryl Tweedy's brother could miss her forthcoming wedding after being sentenced to four years behind bars for a vicious street robbery.

Andrew Tweedy, 25, and his 18-year-old accomplice pushed their teenage victim to the ground and used "torture" techniques to make him hand over all of his belongings.

Tweedy, whose sister Cheryl announced her engagement to Ashley Cole yesterday, already has a string of previous convictions and has served a six year sentence for stabbing two students.

Newcastle Crown Court heard yesterday how his latest victim Kian Bradley had been walking through Newcastle city centre on his way home from work when he was targeted in the early hours of August 23 last year.

Kian, 18, was punched and beaten until all his possessions - just a portable CD player, mobile phone and £6 in cash - had been handed over.

Prosecutor Alec Burns said the pair were arrested with the victim's blood still covering Tweedy's hands.

"He was pushed from behind and tripped over the leg of one of the two people and then forced down onto his face."

The court heard how Kian was then subjected to a series of questions, each of which was followed by a punch to the jaw.

Kian was treated in hospital for the injuries to his face which included bruises, swellings and deviated nasal bones.

Despite having the victim's blood on his hands Tweedy initially claimed he had been tattoing a man called "Dave" when the robbery took place.

But he later admitted robbery.

He was due to be sentenced last month but fled court before his case was called on.

Rook, of Jubilee Terrace, Walker, Newcastle, who admitted two robberies was jailed for four years at a hearing last week while Tweedy was still on the run.

Defence barrister Jane Foley said Tweedy was "exceptionally remorseful" and told the court his offending is linked to drinking in excess as well as substance and drug misuse.

Judge Tim Hewitt jailed Tweedy for four years and said: "You were in effect questioning him, some might say torturing him, and accompanying each question with a punch. "It must have been quite an ordeal for him." The judge said he had considered Tweedy's "sad upbringing" and drug and alcohol problems.

Tweedy was sentenced to a further three months for failing to appear at the last hearing.