FROM this newspaper 150 years ago. - The "Lively," belonging to Mr Hardcastle, of Stockton, taken by pirates on the Riff coast, was afterwards taken possession of by the "Conference's" crew, who had been obliged to abandon their ship by a piratical boat near to the same place. They took the "Lively" to Gibraltar, where she was put into admiralty court for salvage. We are glad to hear the court have awarded £200 for salvage, with costs - and that Mr Hardcastle will get his vessel again, and that she will proceed with her cargo of coals to Malta. Besides the "Lively" and the "Conference," two French vessels were taken by the pirates at about the same time. Why our steamers do not watch this coast we cannot tell.

From this newspaper 100 years ago. - On Saturday, a chapter of very serious accidents occurred at Consett. Andrew Logan was engaged in clearing mud out of a "wheel-hole" at the Consett Iron Company's works, when a quantity of "sludge" or scalding water ran down from the boilers, with the result that the poor fellow was badly scalded practically all over his body. His clothes had to be torn away from his body. Robert Jones, a labourer at the Consett works, accidentally fell into a hole in the gas-producing department of the steel works, and was severely injured. Mary Lavery, a married woman, of Seymour-street, threw a quantity of gunpowder underneath the oven for the purpose of cleaning it out, the fire being lighted at the time. There was a loud explosion, and the flames shot out and burned her about the face and arms.

From this newspaper 50 years ago. - For the first time in the history of the club, North Stainley have won a cup. This was achieved last Wednesday night when they beat Dacre Banks on the Hampsthwaite ground in the final of the Nidderdale Cricket League Evening Knock-Out competition.

From this newspaper 25 years ago. - The first winner of the D&S Times' Bingo game is Mrs Margaret Somerside, of Hercules Street, Darlington. She was presented with her prize, a cheque for £250, by Fred Hurrell, editor of the D&S Times.