I can't help wondering if Tony Blair has become a Chelsea fan overnight.

He certainly owes John Terry a big thank you for saving him from a front page mauling in the national tabloids.

The Sun, Mirror, Mail and Express have all led this morning on Terry's alleged affair with the mother of ex-team-mate Wayne Bridge's child.

Never mind the unprecedented fact that a former British prime minister was hauled before an inquiry after taking his country into a legally dubious war - it's a sleazy Premier League sex scandal that's the bigger news.

The Northern Echo, of course, led on the Blair story, with the headline "No regrets". We also gave the people of Sedgefield their say, along with Chris Lloyd's excellent commentary on Mr Blair's robust defence of his decision.

The Times, Independent and Guardian also 'splashed' on the Blair story.

But there will be relief in the Labour ranks that Mr Blair got through his long-awaited interrogation with a typically polished performance.

Mind you, if he's heard whistling "Blue is the colour", we'll all know why.