A MAJOR disappointment. You will remember I've been trying to get in touch with Gemini 5. From Crook, they were one of the biggest beat bands in the area in the 1960s.

I received a wonderful email from Denmark about them: "Hello Chris, I am working on a book about the Copenhagen beatmecca Hit House, where Gemini 5 played 14 days in 1966. Do you by any chance have an email address of one of the guys or could you help with a 1960s picture of the band. Greetings from Denmark, Thomas Gjurup."

Tony Goldsmith from the group has got in touch: "I saw your article on Wednesday gone about the Gemini 5 playing in Copenhagen in 1966.

I am afraid there are some crossed wires somewhere as we never got any further than Tynemouth Old Soldiers and Sailors Club during 1966.

I guess there must have been another Gemini 5 doing the rounds."

What a shame: the Gemini must have had a twin.