A TEENAGER “out of his mind” on drink and drugs left a woman suffering permanent brain damage in an attack in her home.

Kyle Ebdale, 18, broke into the end-terrace house where Audrey Turnbull lived, before carrying out a sustained assault on the 40-year-old carer.

He then tried to drive away in her car, but after abandoning it, was chased and arrested not far from his home.

At Durham Crown Court yesterday, Ebdale was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in a young offenders’ institution.

The court heard that police found Ms Turnbull lying covered in blood, semi-conscious, on the living room floor of her home in Easington Colliery, at 2.30am on May 15.

She was taken to hospital suffering several facial fractures, and a scan revealed skull fractures.

Lesley Kirkup, prosecuting, said her already poor eyesight has further deteriorated as a result of the attack, and she also lost several teeth.

Three months after the incident, she remains in hospital and the court heard she will not be able to live an independent life in future.

Mrs Kirkup said Ms Turnbull has no recollection of the incident, but is “petrified” of having to go home.

Neighbours were awoken by noises from her home, in Easington Street, and rang the police.

As Ebdale emerged from the house neighbours spoke briefly to him, trying to stall him at the scene until officers arrived.

Mrs Kirkup said Ebdale fled saying he, had to get out of Easington, and “juddered” up the street in Ms Turnbull’s Renault Clio.

Police gave chase and Ebdale abandoned the car in nearby Seaside Lane, after damaging a parked vehicle.

He was detained near his home in Noble Street, giving an alcohol breath test reading of 59. The legal limit is 35.

Mark Styles, mitigating, told the court: “He can’t shirk from the conclusion it was a dreadful offence, for which he is now deeply remorseful.”

Mr Styles said Ebdale burgled what he thought was an unoccupied property while making his way home from a house where he had been drinking and smoking skunk cannabis.

Ebdale admitted burglary during which he inflicted grievous bodily harm. He also admitted aggravated vehicle taking, driving while unfit through drink, without insurance and a licence, plus two counts of assaulting police.

Sentencing him, Judge Brian Forster told Ebdale: “It is likely you believed no one would be in the home at the time, but having gone in, it’s difficult to determine what happened.

“Clearly, however, Ms Turnbull was subjected to a sustained and violent attack by yourself, which has had a devastating impact on her quality of life.”

Speaking after the case, Ms Turnbull’s sister, Susan Hubery, 44, said: “I’m fairly satisfied with the sentence, but however long he was going to be given was not going to make Audrey any better.

“She can’t remember anything about the attack, but gets very emotional.

“Doctors said she has suffered brain damage and will probably have to live the rest of her life in sheltered accommodation.

I don’t think she will ever be able to live alone.”