A LIFEBOAT crew has issued a warning to check tide times after two people were almost stranded at the foot of England’s highest cliffs.

Just after 4pm on Monday, the RNLI lifeboats from Redcar, east Cleveland, were called out after reports of two people cut off by the incoming tide under the cliffs at Saltburn. On this occasion they were able to scramble to safety. However, during the past ten years the Redcar lifeboats have been called to assist 35 people stranded at the foot of the cliffs.

Dave Cocks, of Redcar RNLI, said: “The sheer number of people we have been called out to help speaks volumes about how dangerous the cliffs at Saltburn can be.

“Their height means that there are very few places where a trapped person can seek refuge if the tide catches them unawares.

“If someone is trapped out of sight of Saltburn, then their plight could well go unnoticed, with tragic consequences.

Even if they are not carried away by the waves, being stranded in such an exposed place means a person can suffer from hypothermia, with deadly results.

“The unstable cliff face means that there is always the added danger of a person being struck by falling boulders.

“Our advice is very simple – always check the tide times before setting out.”

For further safety advice, visit rnli.org.uk