A VEGAN artist has transformed an empty butchers shop window in Bishop Auckland with a floral tribute to animals.

Pinky Binks used hundreds of pink chrysanthemums and roses to spell the words ‘hold your breath’ displayed in the former Fawcett’s Butcher’s window on Newgate Street.

The display is part of the ongoing Art Land contemporary arts festival in the town.

Mr Binks, who lives in Bishop Auckland, describes the piece - entitled Tribute - as an emotional and physical memorial to animal lives.

"I want passers by to either enjoy the flowers, consider the meaning of the piece or to individually interpret the context of the work," he said.

"I thought flowers would be the perfect symbol to represent the animal's journey, by starting off looking fresh and full of life and then slowly decomposing as that life leaves its body."

He said the words represented him holding his breath when walking past the store to avoid the smell of meat.

The Art Land festival culminates on Sunday.