A WEB designer turned ufologist has written a book about how Governments are trying to keep secret the existence of aliens from outer space.

Richard D Hall, 40, of Sunniside, near Gateshead, has self-published Aliens Before Gentlemen, which examines the official cover-ups and the evidence that extra-terrestrials are visiting this planet in highly sophisticated craft.

Mr Hall, who has launched his own website, www.richplanet.net, will give a presentation on the subject at the Caedmon Hall, Central Library, Prince Consort Road, Gateshead, on Thursday September 25 from 7.30 to 9pm.

Mr Hall, who has never seen a UFO, said he had read the evidence of people such as scientists who have worked on US Government and military programmes to examine crashed alien craft understand and replicate their technology.

He said the cover-up started after World War Two and was driven by the needs of the Cold War but now Governments were worried about the potential upheaval if their populations knew that aliens were visiting Earth.

"Governments are worried about things like the religious aspects of it and the fact that there is no defence against the aliens.

"The cover-up has gone on from 1947 and I believe it was why John F Kennedy was murdered because he wanted the information on UFOs to be released to the public.''

Tickets for the presentation cost £3.50(concessions £2.50)and are available by calling (01207) 266684 or through the website, as is the book, which costs £9.99