YORKSHIRE now has its own dedicated flag following a special unfurling ceremony today.

The new Yorkshire Flag has been registered with the UK Flag Institute which means anyone wanting to fly it from their rooftop no longer needs to apply for planning permission first.

The move comes after a spate of incidents in recent years when householders flying flags celebrating their Yorkshire roots were warned against it.

In one case North Yorkshire farmer Andrew Wainwright was issued with a summons by Ryedale Council until the case was dropped after a local campaign.

Mr Wainwright said at the time: "On my own land I fail to see why I can't fly it, and I fail to see any objection to it. It's a lovely flag."

Today, the new flag was unveiled at a ceremony in Hull, East Yorkshire.

The Lord Mayor of Hull and the Admiral of the Humber, Councillor Elaine Garland, did the honours in Queens Gardens.

Now a series of walkers will carry the flag to York where it is scheduled to arrive on Friday - Yorkshire Day.

The move to register the flag has been masterminded by the Yorkshire Ridings Society which is also pushing for a more floral way of celebrating the countys heritage.

Roger Sewell, vice-chairman of the society, added: "I hope that the ceremony and the registration of the Yorkshire Flag will encourage Yorkshire folk to proudly fly it, especially on Yorkshire Day.

"It would be wonderful to see the historic county covered in white roses on 1 August.

"Perhaps we can, as it were, sow the seeds this year and see the blossoming of the idea next year and in following years."

Coun Garland said: "I am delighted to have the honour of unfurling this flag on behalf of the Yorkshire Ridings Society.

"Yorkshire has a long, varied history and it is important to protect its heritage.

"The production and registration of the ceremonial flag is another example of the good work being done by the society to ensure that this continues long into the future."