Plans to convert an historic Methodist church into a restaurant and bar with an event space have been unveiled.

An application has been submitted to Redcar and Cleveland Council to develop the Saltburn Methodist Church - a Grade II listed building nestled in the heart of Saltburn's bustling town centre.

Milton Street Ltd plans to convert the building into a distinctive mixed-use establishment offering a range of dining and entertainment options.

Set among familiar shops, cafes and bars, the historically revered site on Milton Street is poised to find a new life as a mixed-use restaurant, bar, and event space.The Northern Echo: Saltburn Methodist Church

The developers say the existing structures and features within the building will be delicately reconfigured in this transition, to retain the unique character the church has held since its establishment in 1865.

The detailed plans set out by the developers include four food outlets establishing a food hall – a menu carousel to serve different palates at different times.

A bar and events stage are also part of the transformation blueprint.

The last service was held in February.

The shift from place of worship is not only aimed at giving a new lease of life to the 1905 addition but promises to add vibrancy to the local community, tourism and economy.The Northern Echo: A drawing of the Methodist chapel in Saltburn from the Illustrated Church Times of March 1865 - before the chapel was completeA drawing of the Methodist chapel in Saltburn from the Illustrated Church Times of March 1865 - before the chapel was complete (Image: Terry Blackburn)

Having fallen out of use due to a dip in church attendance, the building risked slowly deteriorating or becoming a target for petty crime.

The redesigned interior will maintain many of its original features. Existing pews are being remoulded into seating areas while the organ frontage will remain a focal point, along with the pulpit.The Northern Echo: The two Methodist churches in Milton Street: 1865 on the left and 1905 in the distance. Picture: Google StreetView

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The Northern Echo:


The raised sanctuary will be repurposed into a stage, perfect for planned concerts and events. The building's serenity and grandeur amplified in this remodelling.

No external alterations are proposed proposed, ensuring the legacy of the Saltburn Methodist Church

. The unique character and architectural details of the Grade II listed building will be "meticulously preserved and maintained". This includes the restoration of the building's damaged windows.