The Met Office has predicted wintry showers for the North East in the coming weeks as the weather dips from mild to colder temperatures.

According to the Met Office, weather will remain mild for Darlington residents most of the week with showers throughout.

They can expect mild cloudy weather with the chance of a few passing showers on Monday (November 20).

It also predicted there will be some brief brighter spells at times, mainly to the east of hills.

There will be a maximum temperature of 12 °C today, with the region expecting a minimum temperature of 6 °C tonight.

Meanwhile, colder and drier conditions will spread from the north on Tuesday morning, before a return to mild weather on Wednesday and Thursday.

On Friday, the weather will again be cold with some blustery showers, though will be bright during the day.

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The Met Office's prediction for the period between November 24 and December 3 predicted residents could see " incursions of colder air" across the region.

They said: "There may well be incursions of colder air at times, especially across north and northeast UK, with wintry showers and overnight frost.

"It's uncertain just when such cold spells will occur and how extensive they will be, and it may be that this happens more than once with periods of milder, wetter weather in between."