As P!nk takes to the stage at the Stadium of Light as part of her Summer Carnival Tour fans have flocked to the Sunderland.

P!nk will be performing two shows in Sunderland on Saturday, June 10 and Sunday June 11.

Concertgoers are not permitted to bring their own food and drink into the stadium.

According to event organisers, there will be an extensive range of food and drink available.

The Northern Echo:

pint of Carling will cost you £6.50 and a pint of Kingtone press wild berrystone cider will set you back £6.50.

A 187ml bottle of white/red/rose will cost you £7 and if you want a 750ml bottle that will be £27.

A pint of Coors will cost you £7.50 and a two pinter of the same will be £14. Carling Black Fruits Centre is £7.50 while a two pinter will set you back £14. 

The Northern Echo:

If your are going for the soft drinks option a 500mnl of Coca Cola, Diet, Coke, Fanta and Water are all £3.20.

The Northern Echo: