In terms of weather, this week has been a rather dull one with much of the region seeing mostly rain and cooler temperatures.

Today, many will have woken up to sunnier conditions with some localised cloud and scattered showers.

A few heavier showers might be possible throughout the day before they ease during the late afternoon.

The Northern Echo:

A maximum temperature of just 19c has been predicted for the North East.

But what will the weekend be like? Could we be in for a scorcher of a weekend with searing temperatures?

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What will the weather be like this weekend?

Tomorrow the day will kick off with dry and bright conditions, however, sadly it isn’t set to last.

Cloud will soon increase with the odd spot of rain possible during the late morning, most likely across the northwest of the region.

A maximum temperature of just 19c has been predicted for many.

In Darlington tomorrow, temperatures are set to hover around 18c, reaching 19c during mid-afternoon, with a slight chance of rain.

The Northern Echo:

For Durham, temperatures are also set to reach around 19c at their peak with a small chance of rain at just 10 percent.

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Middlesbrough will also be subjected to similar weather with highs of 19c for much of the afternoon.

Sunday is also set to be rather cloudy, with Darlington seeing slightly higher temperatures at 20c and a small chance of rain by mid-afternoon.

The Northern Echo:

Durham will also see similar conditions, whereas Middlesbrough is set to see a one-degree increase with highs of 21c.

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