There was confusion in Darlington last night (Thursday August 4) as a loud bang was heard by people across the town.

Residents took to social media to voice their shock and confusion at the explosion-like sound with many speculating as to what it could have been.

The big bang was heard across the town around 11pm last night with people from Yarm Road, Skerne Park and North Road all reporting hearing the clash.

Some speculated that the sound came from work on the railway lines or a gun, while others believed it was simply a firework being let off.

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Commenting on the mysterious noise on social media one person said: “I’m North Road and I [heard it], my dogs started going crazy, luckily it didn’t wake the kids.”

Meanwhile another resident posted: “I jumped out of my skin!”

Others saw the funnier side to the speculation, joking: “Aliens have landed.”

The source of the noise is still unknown although many believe it was a firework.

A spokesperson for Durham Police told The Northern Echo they have no record of any incident reported on Thursday evening involving a loud bang.

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