The developers behind plans for 30 new homes in Ripon have been given an extra three months to produce a report into the risk of sinkholes.

Newett Homes was granted planning permission in February when it was given four months to asses ground conditions at the Springfield Close site where a small sinkhole opened up.

Becky Lomas, an agent for the developers, told a Harrogate Borough Council meeting this week that they had been hit by unanticipated delays, but remained “committed to bringing this site forward”.

She said: “Unfortunately, like a lot of the industry at the moment, we have been caught up in delays due to resourcing, capacity and high workloads, and as such the contractors could not get on site as quickly as anticipated.

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“I can confirm works have progressed and we are currently at deep bore hole investigations.

“That took place at the end of July and we are just waiting for the results.”

A council officer told the meeting it would have been “counter-productive” to refuse the plans because of the delays and that Wetherby-based Newett Homes now had a new deadline of October 30.

This comes after the developers were refused permission for 38 homes in 2020 before scaling back the proposals.

The owner of a £1.4million Georgian house next to the site also previously warned the council it could face legal action over its decision to pass the latest proposals.

James Mortimer told a previous meeting that the new homes would cause “significant harm” to his Grade II-listed Prospect House.

This was a concern shared by some councillors who said trees between the homes would not provide enough screening.

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