Residents have expressed their anger and frustration after a popular County Durham beauty spot was hit with a "mammoth" amount of fly-tipping that “destroyed the landscape” and made the area “unvisitable”.

At the start of the week, hundreds of tyres and other rubbish items were fly-tipped on How Lea Lane in Hamsterley – causing uproar from those that live nearby and those that regularly visit Hamsterley Forest.

The fly-tip was first reported after several members of the public raised the issue with Durham County Council’s neighbourhood wardens, who monitor rubbish, locate missing dogs, and help around the community.

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Despite the sheer volume of the rubbish, which was described by the council wardens as a ‘mammoth’ tip, it was investigated, with the wardens working with the landowners.

Posting on their social media page, the Durham County Council wardens said: “Neighbourhood Wardens have been investigating a fly tip which took place at How Lea Lane, Hamsterley.

“The team have been able to work with the landowner and have the area cleared back to its original beauty.

The Northern Echo: A before image of the tyres and other rubbish at Hamsterley. Picture: DCC WARDENSA before image of the tyres and other rubbish at Hamsterley. Picture: DCC WARDENS

The Northern Echo: After: The area was eventually cleared up. Picture: DCC WARDENSAfter: The area was eventually cleared up. Picture: DCC WARDENS

“If you see anyone fly tipping, or spot fly tipped rubbish, please contact the council on 03000 260000 or by completing the do it online feature on

“If this is blocking a road or in a dangerous place, contact the police on 999 or 101.”

Despite the wardens’ page posting the update and several images, residents were also vocal on social media about the “disgusting” and “infuriating” fly-tipping.

Taking to social media, one user said: “How is this okay? I don’t understand how people can do something like this,” while another added: “This has destroyed the landscape – it has made it unvisitable, and makes people not want to come to County Durham”.

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