Big Brother's Marcus Bentley has addressed whether he will return once the show makes a comeback on ITV next year.

The Teessider, who is well-known for his Geordie tones, has been tipped as making a return to the iconic programme when it airs on ITV2 next year.

It follows rumour and speculation that the North East-born narrator could be coming back to the show - along with that world-famous accent.

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Last night, he managed to send fans into a frenzy after hinting that he "might need a new pass" while tweeting a picture of a rather old pass from the Channel 4 era.

Show bosses have faced increasing calls to bring Marcus back as part of plans to take the show back to basics and retain an element of "nostalgia."

But speaking to The Northern Echo, the former Stockton man, revealed he has in fact been contacted by producers of the brand new series.

Explaining that nothing had been decided and it is still "very early days," he confirmed that he actually felt "confident" that he may be asked to narrate the show.

He said: "It hasn't been decided, but I am quite confident (that he will return) because why wouldn't they.

The Northern Echo: Picture: NORTHERN ECHOPicture: NORTHERN ECHO

"I did a voiceover for This Morning when it was announced and ITV News did a piece and then bookended it with my voiceover. They're using the same music too.

"I would be devastated if I wasn't on it."

Known for his playful yet serious voiceovers, Marcus has narrated every single episode of Big Brother and its spin-off Celebrity Big Brother since its inception in 2000.

That has meant over the years, his voice has become a household name and almost as much of a celebrity as the show itself.

And one person throwing his weight behind Marcus' return is Darlington's Anthony Hutton, who won Big Brother back in 2005 after stealing the nation's heart. 

The Northern Echo: Big Brother's Anthony Hutton Picture: JIM SCOTTBig Brother's Anthony Hutton Picture: JIM SCOTT

Asked who should narrate the next series by The Echo, he said: “For me it’s Marcus. He has to be the voice of Big Brother otherwise it would be like changing the theme tune.

"When you think of Big brother you think of the tune and always that “day two” and his voice."

Addressing the show's return, Marcus said he had felt the rumours that ITV would be taking it on were true as speculation had never been denied. 

Explaining it as "amazing news," he described how Big Brother had been a huge part of society, holding up a mirror on homophobia, racism and injustices.

He said: "People ask me 'how will Big Brother compete with Love Island,' but I tell them it will blow it out of the water.

"Big Brother can educate society, Brian Dowling came out as gay, Nadia went in the house and was transgender."

Saying the show would benefit from the "right housemates and tasks," he said he is expecting nothing less than for it to be a success when it airs.

He added: "I just think ITV2 is the perfect housemate for Big Brother, they have just got such a lot of talent, money and they’re very digital."

So far, only basic details have been confirmed including the return of tasks, live evictions and a brand new Big Brother house.

No details over who will present the show, where the house will be built or even when it will air have been released.

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