Football hero Beth Mead has called on Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss to do more for women in football stressing that it is “only the beginning.”

The football star from Scarborough helped bring an historic win in the Women’s Euro 2022 finals on Sunday.

Smashing Germany with a 2 – 1 the team was hailed as an inspiration to women and young girls everywhere.

However, the player has argued that the government is not doing enough to help young girls play football.

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In a statement on Social Media, Ms Mead, and her other squad members, called on the future Tory leader to do help them “achieve that change.”

The statement argues that the team wants “every young girl in the nation to be able to play football at school.”

Currently only 63% of girls can play football in PE lessons and the team argues that despite inspiring many to play football, they go to school and end up being unable to play.

They added: “This is something that we all experienced growing up.

“We were often stopped from playing. So we made or own teams, we travelled across the country and despite the odds, we just kept playing football.”

The winners have called on the government to ensure all girls have access to a minimum of 2 hours a week PE, a long with further investing and support for female PE teachers.

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They added: “Their roles is crucial and we need to give them the resources to provide girls’ football sessions.

“They are key role models from which so many young girls can flourish.”

“We – the 23 members of the England Senior Women’s EURO squad – ask you to make it a priority to invest into girls’ football in schools, so that every girl has the choice.”

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