A County Durham dad whose beloved dog was killed by an American Bulldog without a leash has spoken of his relief to hear the police are now taking "positive action" over the matter.

Paul Haworth of Chester-le-Street last week paid tribute to German Shepherd, Max after being attacked by the large ginger dog on Tuesday, July 26.

At the time, the Max managed to survive the incident in the town’s Cong Burn, but was later put down due to the severity of the wounds inflicted.

The 32-year-old who had demanded police action said he was now happy officers were now taking active steps and were continuing their investigations.

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He said: “The police have confirmed to me that the woman walking the dog at the time has come forward.

“She was not the owner, who was apparently not aware that she was walking the dog."

Mr Haworth had earlier spoken of his fears over a similar attack in an area popular with children.

He said: “I feel confident the measures police have put in place will prevent an attack from occurring again, and feel I can take kids my down to Cong Burn again."

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Mr Haworth was walking Max in Cong Burn, near the Cestria Health Centre at about 7.50am on Tuesday when the alleged incident happened. 

Max had prevented the offending dog from getting to Mr Haworth, but was left badly injured in the process.

Mr Haworth managed to pull them apart, but the bulldog reportedly attacked Max again, biting him so badly that he broke his leg.

Max was taken to Abbey Veterinary Centre, where it was found he had a severely broken leg, with crush, compound and spiral fractures, and puncture wounds.

The family, including children Olivia, six, and Shaun, four, were devastated by the loss.

A Durham Police spokesperson said: “This incident was reported to us on July 26.

“A number of witnesses, including the woman who was involved in the incident, have come forward and our enquiries are continuing."

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