The best and worst surgeries on Teesside have been revealed following the results of a national survey – here’s the results.

GP’s across the country have been rated thanks to the independent GP Patient Survey which saw patients answer questions based on their experience.

The survey asks patients a range of questions based on their experience from whether they had a good overall experience to whether they usually saw their preferred GP.

GP surgeries across Teesside have been surveyed, revealing that one scored just a 47 percent for a good overall experience.

Another surgery, however, scored a 98 percent for good overall experience.

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Which surgery was the worst on Teesside?

The Northern Echo: McKenzie House McKenzie House

The worst surgery on Teesside has been revealed as Mckenzie Group Practice in Hartlepool with a good overall experience of just 47 percent.

Just 6 percent of people surveyed found it easy to get through on the phone, however 74 percent did find the receptionist helpful when they did get through.

Patients were happy, however, that their needs were met at their last appointment and had trust and confidence in the healthcare professionals with an 87 percent and 86 percent score for these categories.

However just 42 percent felt they were satisfied with appointments offered and just 15 percent had both a “good experience making an appointment” and “usually see their preferred GP.”

Quite a large amount of appointments were also revealed to be remote, with 74 percent of patients saying their last appointment was remote.

Close behind came Woodbridge Practice, which received a, slightly better, 50 percent for overall good experience.

The Northern Echo: Woodbridge Medical PracticeWoodbridge Medical Practice

27 percent of patients found it easy to get through on the phone, and just 10 percent of patients were able to see their preferred GP.

Which surgery was the best on Teesside?

The Northern Echo: Abbey Health Centre where Dr Rasool Practice is basedAbbey Health Centre where Dr Rasool Practice is based

The best surgery on Teesside was Dr Rasool Practice in Billingham with 98 percent of patients reporting that they had a “good overall experience.”

The surgery scored a 100 percent for patients who “had confidence and trust in healthcare professionals.”

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99 percent of patients found the receptionist helpful, had their needs met in their last appointment, and were involved as much as they wanted to be in decisions about care and treatment.

Just 57 percent of patients reported that their last appointment was remote.

Coming close behind is Riverside Medical Practice with a 96 percent “good overall experience.”

The Northern Echo: Riverside Medical PracticeRiverside Medical Practice

100 percent of patients at this surgery had their needs met in their last appointment and an even lower 31 percent of appointments were remote.

Dave Gallagher, Executive Director of Placed Based Delivery, Central and Tees Valley said: “I’m really pleased that primary care continues to be rated highly by patients across Tees Valley providing a positive experience for people.

"The results are a good reflection on the hard work that all practice staff – from GPs, nurses, practice pharmacists, other healthcare professionals and staff such as practice managers, receptionists and administrators – put in to provide patient-centred services in what has been and continues to be an unprecedented time.

"In June 2022, there were 259,348 appointments across Tees Valley with 167,413 patients being seen face to face and 119,133 by other health professionals.

"This equates to 64.6 percent of appointments being face to face.

“We recognise that there are areas for improvement and this is something that the ICB is working on with GP practices, supporting a number of initiatives including online services to increase patient choice and improve how patients can access surgery appointments and services"

Find your local surgery and where it placed below:

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