A heroic officer who was shot and killed while responding to a break-in has been remembered with a plaque close to where he fell.

Gleeson Homes unveiled a plaque in memory of DC Jim Porter at its Greenfield Park development, in Bishop Auckland.

DC Porter tragically lost his life in 1982 when confronting armed suspects at a factory, which was formerly on the land where the development is being constructed.

The Northern Echo: A commemorative plaque has been unveiled in honour of DC Jim Porter A commemorative plaque has been unveiled in honour of DC Jim Porter

Guests included members of DC Porter’s family, his ex-colleagues, Durham Police and the Police Memorial Trust.

The ceremony was opened with a performance from the Durham Police Brass Band and a speech from Andy Davies, Gleeson’s North Eastern Divisional Managing Director.

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Steve Lloyd, Trustee of the Police Memorial Trust then said a few words before leading guests to the entrance of the development where the plaque was unveiled.

The Northern Echo: DC Jim Porter DC Jim Porter

In addition to the plaque, Gleeson has also named a street on the development Porter Gardens.

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Andrew Davies, Gleeson’s Divisional Managing Director for the North East, said: “I was both delighted and humbled to be a part of such a moving ceremony.

“It is truly amazing, the extent of the bravery that DC Porter and all our forces display in the line of duty upholding the law and making communities safer places to live.

The Northern Echo:

“Losing his life in such a senseless way was tragic, and I am so very pleased that Gleeson is able to commemorate and remember DC Porter and his sacrifice to protect the community of Bishop Auckland.

“I’d like to thank the family and those close to DC Porter for allowing us the privilege to pay our thanks in such a public way and hope that in doing so, it brings some comfort that his legacy will live on for many years to come.”

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