Little did we know a couple of years ago that Rishi Sunak could be on the precipice of becoming Prime Minister - but in just several weeks time, that could well be the case.

The Richmond MP and former Chancellor will battle it out against the Foreign Secretary Liz Truss after dominating the charts to make the final round.

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This week, Penny Mordaunt lost out in the run for Tory leader and PM when she was eliminated from the round as North East Tory MPs have been left very much divided.

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Many in our region including Redcar's Jacob Young and Sedgefield's Paul Howell have been pledging their strong allegiance to Rishi and his slick campaign.

Meawhile, fewer North East Tories but some including Bishop Auckland's Dehenna Davison have been firmly cheering on Truss to be a success.

The Northern Echo: Picture: NORTHERN ECHOPicture: NORTHERN ECHO

But what do you think?

Today, The Northern Echo is asking its online readers to tell us WHO they think should become Prime Minister and why.

Perhaps it's the celeb-like ex Chancellor, who made a name for himself when he introduced the furlough scheme and was dubbed "Dishi Rishi", and his bold promises to tackle rising inflation and introduce reform.

Or maybe it's Liz Truss, who's promising a return to "Conservative values" and cut taxes from "day one" and says she believes hardworking families are the "bedrock of a stable" society and should be protected.

Take part in our poll below

We'd also love you to send in your reasons in no more than 200 words by emailing along with your name and location.

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