These cats are searching for a forever home in the North East after facing difficult circumstances so far.

The RSPCA Cat Rehoming Hub works with local RSPCA branches to rehome cats and kittens rescued by RSPCA officers across the Darlington, Stockton, Northallerton, Middlesbrough, and North Yorkshire areas.

The cats have often faced cruelty, neglect and abandonment or sad situations where their owner could no longer care for them or passed away.

Here are just some of the cats presently looking for their new forever homes at the RSPCA Cat Hub.

The Northern Echo: Kipling, Casper, Tom, Maple (RSPCA)Kipling, Casper, Tom, Maple (RSPCA)

Poor Kipling is now the longest resident cat in the RSPCA Cat Hub! He is a friendly, black and white, 18 months old, male cat. He is a high-energy cat, so he wants to be the only cat in a household with older children, with access to a catio or enclosed garden.

Casper is a black four-year-old male cat who is becoming more friendly as he gets used to life in the RSPCA cattery. He is looking to be the only cat in an adult-only household and would like access to the outdoors.

Tom is an adult indoor cat, 6 – 7 years old, who is looking for a new home with no other pets.  He was very shy and withdrawn when he first came into the Cat Hub, but is now much more confident and loving and would appreciate a household with children 8 years and older.

The Northern Echo: Elsa, Dave, Socks, George (RSPCA)Elsa, Dave, Socks, George (RSPCA)

Maple is a two-year-old female cat.  She does not get on with other cats or dogs, so Maple is looking for pet free home.  She can be a bit aloof but is making an effort to be more friendly in the Cat Hub, but she is looking for owners in an adult-only household who understand she may not want to be handled much.  She would like outdoor access.

Eight-year-old female tabby cat Elsa was signed over to the RSPCA along with 15-year-old black and white male cat Dave.  Both cats would like access to the outdoors and can be rehomed together or separately. Dave is very friendly and outgoing while Elsa is still a little shy in the cattery.  Both will be fine in a household with children.

Socks is a friendly five to six years old ginger male cat.  He is looking for an adult-only home with no other animals and would like access to the outdoors.

George is a good-looking, three/four-year-old, male tabby cat who was signed over to the RSPCA. He was a stray cat, initially taken in by one of our adopters, but he did not get on with her cats. George is a little shy in the cattery, so he is looking for an experienced cat owner in a household with older children and no other cats. He would like access to the outside.

The Northern Echo: Susie, Ginger (RSPCA)Susie, Ginger (RSPCA)

Suzie is a small, black, adult female indoor cat who was abandoned and rescued by the RSPCA.  She is still very keen on food, but increasingly likes people and should settle well into a home environment with children.

Ginger and white Georgina is still slightly nervous in the cattery but enjoys her food and is becoming more friendly! She is a five-year-old female cat who was signed over to the RSPCA.  She has lived with other cats before and been outdoors and is looking for an adult-only home.

To apply to be considered to adopt any of these cats, please read about the RSPCA Cat Hub’s rehoming process on the website here which also explains how to get an application form.