‘ARE YOU a fan of The Killers?’, my editor asks me one Friday afternoon.

Memories of belting out Mr Brightside at house parties and singing along to Human, among many other hits, flash before me.

‘Yes, I suppose so,’ I respond as I spin my chair around.

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Who knew those days spent listening and dancing to The Killers from my childhood through to adulthood would stand me in good stead for Monday night when the US rock band landed on the St Mary’s stage?

Anyone would think we’re in the midst of an early-200s revival; My Chemical Romance are back and better than ever touring the globe, while The Killers are bringing their signature Las Vegas glitz and glamour to UK stages as they embark on their long-awaited tour.

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The band rock’n’rolled into St Mary’s on Monday night, bringing with them an explosion of emotion and boundless energy.

The Killers were set to play in the city in June 2020, but the tour was postponed until 2021 and then 2022 due to Covid.

However, this did not dampen the spirits of those on and off stage.

Brandon Flowers is the ultimate Vegas showman and surpassed all my expectations. He is the epitome of a salubrious rock band frontman and he has that sought after but rarely obtained ‘star quality’ that other stars can only dream of.

The Northern Echo: Picture by Natasha DochniakPicture by Natasha Dochniak

No part of the stage was left untouched by Flowers as he roamed throughout the performance, his leg permanently cocked on a speaker as he punched the air.

His energy was irresistible and invigorating and encouraged last night’s crowd, ranging from youngsters to pensioners, to bounce enthusiastically to every song Flowers fronted.

The band delivered smash hit after smash hit, pleasing the crowd with well-loved songs backed by a kaleidoscopic light show and tremendous blasts of confetti.

Crowd pleasers arrived in the shape of the band’s 2008 hit Human from their Day & Age album followed by Somebody Told Me.

The stadium was groaning under the weight of people’s stomping feet as they screamed the lyrics to the two songs, with many visibly exhausted as Fire in Bone started playing.

Flowers paused throughout the show to engage with the audience, and at one point described the show as a “super-spreader event”.

“We’re spreading peace, we’re spreading love and we’re spreading rock and roll!” he cried as people clapped vigorously.

The night ended with the defining anthem of the 2000s Mr Brightside, which got everyone on their feet and singing even after the show had ended.

The Killers’ performance was simply spectacular and I ask myself why I have never endeavoured to see them live before.