A NORTH East MP asked Boris Johnson how he sleeps at night ‘with so much blood on his filthy, privileged hands’ as politicians gave their explosive reactions to the findings of the Sue Gray report.

The comment came from Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonald who was among many in parliament to give a scathing assessment of the Government after unsavoury behaviour at law-breaking Downing Street parties was revealed in Sue Gray’s report.

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Mr McDonald said that ‘a partying PM and a law-breaking Rich List Chancellor’ have lined the pockets of their wealthy pals whilst upwards of 175,000 people have died from Covid.

He added: “And they are now sitting on their hands and laughing in our faces as the cost-of-living crisis and fuel poverty could well leave thousands more to die of cold in their own homes.

“When we saw pictures of the PM partying in the middle of the pandemic, was he toasting his assault on the working class?

“And I ask him, how on earth does he sleep at night with so much blood on his filthy, privileged hands?”

The Northern Echo: Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonaldMiddlesbrough MP Andy McDonald

Alex Cunningham, Labour MP for Stockton North, said the Sue Gray report revealed a ‘rot’ that has infected 10 Downing Street under Boris Johnson who ‘treated the sacrifices of the British people and Parliament with utter contempt’.

He added: “The buck stops with Boris Johnson and it is his failure of leadership, and his focus on saving his own skin, that has resulted in his Government being paralysed; unable or unwilling to act on rising fuel and food prices with the British people paying the price.

Mr Cunningham said ‘Britain deserves better’ than a law-breaking Prime Minister and called on Conservative MPs to remove him from office.

Easington Labour MP Grahame Morris said Boris Johnson ‘does not have the honesty and integrity to resign’ and said the Conservative Party is showing it places party interest above the national interest.

He added: “This is a dark day for British politics, where the truth, honesty and integrity are no longer universal values in the House of Commons.

“Where the Conservative Party have failed, the last hope will rest with the British public, who will have to decide at the ballot box whether they want a Prime Minister who breaks the law, and repeatedly lies."

The Northern Echo: Easington Labour MP Grahame MorrisEasington Labour MP Grahame Morris

Unsurprisingly, Conservative MPs across the region were unanimous in their desire for the country to ‘move on’ from the controversy.

Chancellor and Richmondshire MP Rishi Sunak, who was himself caught breaking lockdown rules, said: “I'm grateful to Sue Gray for her report and I sincerely repeat my apologies for the event I received a fine for.

“The Prime Minister has apologised and lessons have been learned.

“I hope we can now move forward and continue delivering for the British people.

Darlington’s Conservative MP Peter Gibson said The Prime Minister has faced the penalty levied by the police, has apologised and made changes at number 10 following the report.

The Northern Echo: Rishi Sunak, Chancellor and Richmondshire MPRishi Sunak, Chancellor and Richmondshire MP

He said: “We’ve all expressed our anger and disappointment but the important thing now is to move on with the job of Government and tackle the serious issue of the cost of living concerns that the businesses and people of Darlington have.”

Simon Clarke Conservative MP Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, said he understood people’s upset over the ‘unacceptable’ parties, adding: “However, with the publication of her report, which includes no fresh revelations, with the Prime Minister having made clear his sincere apology and having already instituted the necessary changes at Number 10, it is time to move on.

The Northern Echo: Peter Gibson, Conservative MP for DarlingtonPeter Gibson, Conservative MP for Darlington

“As I look towards the serious challenges that we face as a nation at home and abroad, I am glad it is Boris Johnson who leads us.”

Mr Clarke said that Mr Johnson has his ‘full confidence’ and praised his handling of Brexit, the Covid vaccine rollout and in leading West’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Paul Howell, Conservative MP for Sedgefield said: “We can and should now focus on the significant challenges of the war in Ukraine and the cost of living pressures.”


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