Love Island fans will know that over the ITV series' history, the islanders have developed their own language.

Now that it's almost that time again with grafting by the fire pit and muggy behaviour by the pool only moments away, it's time to brush up with our Love Island dictionary.

Whether you want to brush up on your vocab ahead of the new series or you want to walk down memory lane of the show's best bits, we've got you covered. 

Here are the best 15 phrases from Love Island history that will make you feel right at home at the villa. 

Best Love Island phrases to know ahead of the new ITV series

1. Peng sort 

Definition: Can be shortened to "so sort", To comment on a person's physical appearance, in a positive way.

In context: “You’re looking like a real Peng sort tonight”.

2. Pied

Definition:  A situation where someone has been dumped by the person they are dating, in a poor, appalling or embarrassing way.

In context: “He's been ignoring me all day, I think I’ve been pied”.

3. It is what it is

Definition:  You can't change a situation as much as you might like to. In this scenario, you either need to wait it out or do whatever it is you wanted to do in the first place

In context: "I'm not their type on paper. It is what it is”.

4. My type on paper

Definition:  A person that fits the physical and possibly emotional qualities of their ideal or dream partner.

In context: "She is the kind of girl I usually go for, she is definitely my type on paper”.

5. Sauce

Definition: When a person has a unique kind of confidence, character or charisma that is often seen as appealing

In context: “Did you see the way they walked in here, they have the sauce”.

6. The Ick

Definition:  A situation when you have noticed something about a person you don't like and can't ignore so much that it becomes a deal-breaker. 

In context: “I've just got the ick."

7. Grafting

Definition:  When a person is putting in extra effort to show someone that they are romantically interested in them.

In context: “I really like her, I need to get grafting”.

8. Factor 50

Definition: A situation where someone is laying it on thick with the person they are interested in and it's coming across a little over the top.

In context: “He wouldn't stop complimenting me, he was laying it factor 50”.

9. Melt

Definition: A person who is willing to come across as soppy or a bit of a fool because they have intense feelings for someone.

In context: “Ugh, I like them so much, I feel like a proper melt”.

10. Mugged off/Muggy

To be disrespected by somebody – Usually in an embarrassingly public manner.

In context:  “I’ve just seen them talking to someone else, I feel mugged off”.

11. Bev

Definition: A Bev is a hot guy.

In context:  "He/She is my bev" 

12. Head's been turned

Definition: The situation where a person admits that they are attracted to and interested in pursuing someone else.

In context: "Mate, I didn't think it would happen but my head's been turned."

13.  Crack on

Definition: To develop or pursue a romantic relationship with someone

In context: "I want to crack on with her."

14.  Salty

Definition: To behave unfavourably towards someone.

In context: "Why are you being so salty with me tonight?"

15. Do Bits Society / DBS

Definition: A members-only club, founded by contestant Wes Nelson, for Islanders who have successfully taken part in sexual contact during the show.

In context: "Sorry you can't just join the DBS."

Over the years there have been various iterations of the DBS to slyly talk about the islander's sex life on the show including Toby Aromolaran's One-Nil scale and Faye Winter's National Vocational Qualification ( NVQ scale)..