THE pandemic has helped us re-evaluate our attitude to work, family and community, and it has helped us focus on what, and who, is most important to us.

Coming out of that change is the swell of support for a new, permanent Bank Holiday, or “thank holiday”, as it is being termed. Just as this year, we have June 3 as an additional Bank Holiday to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, so the “thank holiday” is going to be an annual celebration of her selfless service and it will also be a day to say thank-you to all the others who keep communities going – the carers we clapped for on our doorsteps every Thursday at the start of the pandemic.

While some in industry see an extra day off as bad news economically, the hospitality sector is rubbing its hands with glee.

The CBI, which is seen as a bosses’ union, has welcomed the proposal as it sees that well rested and contented workers are more productive. Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are also in favour of a new, permanent Bank Holiday.

England and Wales are especially over-worked with only eight Bank Holidays a year compared to the EY average of 12.8 and 13 in the US. Even the Scots get 11.

It does seem that we are out of step with other countries and never has there been a better reason for a day off than celebrating Her Majesty’s long reign and the contributions of all our key workers. We look forward to early June next year and enjoying the first Thank Holiday – hopefully in the early summer sunshine.