A FORMER cattle market site will be turned into a temporary car park under plans just given council approval.

The car park will provide 455 spaces on the site of the former cattle market on Clifton Road, Darlington.

Permission was granted last September for a new 672-space multi-storey car park.

This is part of the Bank Top Station "masterplan", a £100m development which will include three new platforms and a new station building.

Car parking will be needed while the new multi-storey car park and station entrance are built, to replace about 400 spaces lost from existing sites.

So the temporary car park will be run by LNER between summer 2022 and December 2024 on the 1.74-hectare Clifton Road site.

It will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week with proposed street lighting, CCTV, fence, paystations and pedestrian route.

The site was cleared as the cattle market - there since 1878 - was moved to Humbleton Farm last year.

Three letters of objection were received to the temporary car park plan.

They raised issues of air pollution, trees, on-street parking, pedestrian access, anti-social behaviour, noise and light pollution, and business rates.

One objection was later withdrawn and the plan did not need to be decided at the council's planning committee meeting.

The council's report states: "The proposal is required to facilitate the provision of a wider package of works centred around the east and west sides of the station set out in the Bank Top Station Masterplan."

It says the development could affect residents on Waverley Terrace, Nelson Terrace, Belvedere Terrace, Grainger Street, Park Lane and Clifton Road.

But it says these can be managed with a construction management plan, with measures for controlling noice, dust and vibration, and the plan would not have an unacceptable impact.

An environmental health officer said the proposed car park would "create significantly less noise than the previous use of the site as a livestock market".

British Transport Police raised measures to bring into the scheme to reduce potential for anti-social behaviour by "designing out crime".

These cover areas like CCTV, lighting, access, parking bay markings, height restrictors and bike parking.

The council report did not find "any incidents or trends that would cause concern" regarding accidents, and said the plan would significantly improve disable parking.

The report concludes: "The proposed use is not considered to give rise to any unacceptable impacts on residential amenity in terms of noise, light pollution or anti-social behaviour.

"Technical matters relating to highways, sustainable transport, tree protection measures and drainage can be dealt with by appropriate planning conditions."

The temporary car park was approved with conditions.