SECURITY staff are being deployed to protect passengers at a town centre interchange blighted by antisocial behaviour from unruly teenagers.

Consett Bus Station will be partially closed during evenings following complaints people are being ‘terrorised’ by youngsters.

Durham County Councillor Alex Watson, who represents the area, said elderly people are being intimidated and recently a pensioner was mugged on their way back from playing bingo.

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Cllr Watson said: “The town centre bus station has CCTV cameras operating , but the police appear to have a reluctance to use them because clearly they just don't have the resources to deal with antisocial behaviour.

“It appears that the yobs are being allowed to terrorise members of the public.

“A pensioner was mugged after playing bingo and residents are being subjected to disrespect from young students, noisy behaviour, theft from their gardens and intimidation.

“It is shameful and outrageous. The tax paying public deserves more.

“There needs to be a conversation with all agencies for a positive outcome on how it is going to be resolved.

“The public don't want excuses they want positive actions on how it is going to be dealt with and not just to be told to ring 101.”

How is Durham County Council involved?

Dave Wafer, Durham County Council’s head of transport and contract services, said security measures were being put in place to protect members of the public.

He said: “Following reports of antisocial behaviour at Consett Bus Station, we have been working closely with Go North East and Durham Constabulary to put a number of measures in place to discourage further activity.

“This includes closing areas of the bus station in the evening.

“The number of incidents has already reduced due to this partnership work, which is part of a wider strategy to tackle the issue.

“The closure will be on a trial basis, and security staff will be at the bus station to advise and assist passengers.”

What do the police say?

Durham Constabulary said it was working with the council and bus companies to tackle the problem.

A spokesman said: “These measures are part of a suite of tactics being implemented in Consett as part of a multiagency approach to deter antisocial behaviour and make the bus station a more inviting place for service users.”

Action has also been welcomed by North-West Durham MP Richard Holden.

He said: “There has been a persistent problem in Consett with anti-social behaviour near the bus station.

“I am glad that the council are taking action to try and reduce the disturbances.

“I hope that the Police and Crime Commissioner will also ensure that some of the over 100 extra officers being provided to Durham Constabulary by the Government will be located in Consett to help tackle this and other local issues.”

When will action be taken?

The changes come into force on Sunday.

A spokesman for Go NorthEast said: “Durham County Council are working on partially closing Consett Bus Station on an evening to try and reduce anti-social behaviour.

“Daytime stands will remain as they are now, with some services using different stands from 6pm each night.”

What are the changes?

Stand B

• 78 to Sunderland (remains the same as the daytime stand)

• X5 and X15 to Durham (remains the same as the daytime stand)

• V1 and V2 (moves from daytime Stand A)

Stand C

• 16 to Durham (remains the same as the daytime stand)

• V3 (moves from daytime Stand G)

• X5 and X15 to Shotley Bridge (moves from daytime Stand G)

Stand D

• 78 to Castleside (moves from daytime stand H)

Stand E

• X45 and X46 (remains the same as the daytime stand)

• 47 and 47A (moves from daytime Stand F)

• 16 to Templetown (moves from daytime Stand F)


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