THE victim of an alleged spiking incident has warned people could die from similar attacks after he revealed the devastating and life-changing impact it has had on him. 

Craig Campbell Tosh’s day-to-day life is now shrouded in uncertainty as he still does not know what was in the needle which was injected into his body while on a night out with friends and family on November 6. 

The 48-year-old proud family man and successful businessman issued the stark warning as part of a heartbreaking testimony on his experience where he also labelled the people behind similar attacks as “sick individuals”. 

Mr Campbell Tosh, from Darlington, said that despite being 6ft 1in tall and weighing 22 stone, the incident caused him to collapse and lose control of his body. He continues to feel the effects of the incident weeks later and has been prescribed tablets by his doctor. 

“I changed very rapidly as a person in front of my friends and my wife. I didn’t realise what had gone on,” he said when recalling the incident at a bar in Newcastle. 

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The Northern Echo: Craig Campbell Tosh discovered a bruise days after the initial incident Craig Campbell Tosh discovered a bruise days after the initial incident

After spending days trying to piece together his night finding out how he deteriorated so quickly it was not until Mr Campbell Tosh discovered blood on his T-shirt and a bruise on his body when he realised he had been the victim of spiking through a needle injection. 

He said: “It’s the worst feeling I’ve ever had in my life. You feel vulnerable, you feel violated. 

“I don’t know what that person stuck in my body. All I know is I lost total control of my body.”

The father must now wait three months before taking tests to find out whether he has contracted any diseases from the injection. 

A video where he explained his experience has now been viewed over 50,000 times and schools and colleges have contacted him to help launch safety awareness campaigns warning people of the dangers spiking incidents can have on innocent people. 

He added: “I probably won’t change anything but if I can stop one person getting it done to them by just letting people know. 

“If it can happen to me it can happen to your daughters, sons, your dads, friends. When you go out, look after each other, stick together. Look out for these horrible, sick people that are doing this.

“God knows what it would have done to a kid, a smaller man, a young girl - I wouldn’t like to think. 

“I can’t believe it’s happened to me. Be aware. If it can happen to me it can happen to anybody but I know I’ve got to live with it now for three months.”

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Northumbria Police said they were investigating the incident and have dedicated officers on patrol to protect the vulnerable and target anyone looking to commit offences.

In a stark message to his attacker, Mr Campbell Tosh said he wants to see the person go through the pain and trauma he has suffered. 

“I wish I could find the lad who stuck the needle in me,” he said. 

“I wouldn’t hurt him but I’d stick a needle in him and give him a week from hell, and three months of hell waiting for the results. 

“You’re going to kill someone. Whatever you stuck in me that night, I have no doubt it would have killed someone half my size. It hit me like a sledgehammer. 

“You’re not big, you’re not hard you’re sick individuals.” 

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